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Monday, August 18, 2014

Manifest with Ease & Grace with the Masters

We are here to assist you in taking a quantum leap forward to manifest your Divine Life's Plan with ease and grace. We consider this the most important step you can take for you and your planet to achieve your ascension. 
 ~ Master El Morya and Lady Miriam
Imagine having the unlimited wisdom, love and power of the Ascended Masters to assist you in manifesting your heartfelt dreams and desires. These wise beings who have already mastered all the Earth plane experiences are here to mentor you in creating the life you have come to live with the ease and grace of the unlimited realms. You can choose to move beyond the stress and struggle of trying to create what you want in the limited 3rd dimensional way into consciously creating as a master with your unlimited Presence and the Ascended Masters.

You are here to be an instrument for implementing the Divine Crystalline Blueprint that is sustaining your potential to be a part of bringing your world into its authentic freedom from all forms of oppression. This includes humanity's full release from any belief systems or childhood patterning that was set into motion to keep them living as victims of circumstances or victims of others who have appeared to be in control. You are invited to move out all forms of bondage so you can feel and know that you have a purpose in being on the Earth and that purpose is actively connecting you with your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times. You will recognize your part to manifest in the Divine Matrix because it will fit into place so perfectly that it will naturally augment the ecstasy that comes with knowing that you have a vital part to play in creating and supporting a new Golden Age of Freedom, which will facilitate you living your greatest life.
Masters Saint Germain and Lady Portia 
Live in the peace of knowing you are being who you came to be, living the life you came to live and making contributions to the world that will fill your days with joy, purpose and a deep sense of fulfillment that will outshine everything else.
You are invited to play a vital role in building a foundation that is so strong that it can provide ongoing support for all who choose to make their ascension into Unity Consciousness on the 5th dimension. This foundation MUST be created by conscious beings who are living on the Earth at this auspicious time in the evolutionary journey of your planet. This is how your new Golden Age is being created and it is how everyone can expand their co-creative service throughout the world. This is also how you can jointly enjoy your ascension process. Let peace and stillness flood through you and envelop you completely in a full embrace of love. Remain like an empty vessel ready to be filled with the Divine nectar of your own God Presence. 
Masters Saint Germain and Lady Portia 
You will learn from the Masters how to:
*Enhance and empower your communication with your Presence, which is the foundation for all conscious co-creation with the Masters.
 *Establish the art of listening to your Presence and the Masters.
*Engage in daily practices to expand your capacities to communicate with your Presence and the Masters.
 *Step into the higher dimensions of your own consciousness, which are represented by the Masters, by expanding your deeper listening capacities.
 *Enhance your intuitive abilities to remain in continual co-creation with the Masters.

You will be lovingly and easily guided step-by-step to consciously co-create with the Masters.  We will complete these three cycles by celebrating your new co-creations!

What You Can Expect:

*Receive assistance in identifying and reclaiming your Divine purpose.
 *Energize your God-given capacities to co-create with the Masters.
*Shift beyond the limitations of the ego into your unlimited abilities to co-create your greatest life and a new Golden Age in Council with the Masters. 
*Use tools to make your relationship and communication links with the Masters so strong that it is palpable and beyond doubt.
*Enhance your ability to manifest what you have come to do by co-creating your life and your service in the world with the Masters. 
*Strengthen your ability to go into the silence to listen to the guidance of the Masters.
 *Uncover the gifts and strengths that are recorded within your personal Akashic Records.
*Align with your Life’s Plan for these times.
 *Receive steps from the Masters and the Elohim (the builders of the form world) to successfully manifest your creation on the physical plane. 
*Receive answers from the Masters to life’s most important questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What have I come to be, do and create? 
*Help others remember who they are and why they are here.
*Expand your intimate connection with the Ascended Masters by asking them questions, then deeply listening and receiving their responses.
 *Enhance your connection with the crystalline strands of your DNA so you can access more of the unlimited, multidimensional levels of consciousness and co-create consciously as a master.
* Live, love and serve from the expanded, unlimited domains of your consciousness that are natural to the Masters and your Presence.
 *Move beyond the stress of creating in the 3rd dimension into the freedom of co-creating within the unlimited domains enjoyed by with the Ascended Masters.
*Discover and implement specific steps to co-create with the Masters.
*Get out of the way so your creation can manifest in Divine perfection and timing.
 *Be the instrument for the Divine manifestation of Paradise.
 *Bring the wisdom of the Masters into practical application within your own life.
 *Establish such a strong union with your Presence and the Masters that you can feel the bliss of your co-creative endeavors.

You are being invited to Consciously Co-Create with the Masters, which naturally creates empowered manifestation and freedom from fear, lack, conflict and separation.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Enneagram - discover a blueprint of your soul...

When people first accurately identify their individual Enneagram type, they often describe the experience as something akin to a spiritual awakening. It can feel like you've found a blueprint of your soul - including all that makes you unique, as well as the similarities that connect us all in ONENESS. 

During The Enneagram Global Summit -- taking place June 3-5 -- you'll get inside access to the TOP Enneagram experts from many of the wisdom schools, united online for the first time ever.
World-renowned speakers, including Helen Palmer, Russ Hudson, David Daniels and A. H. Almaas will be sharing powerful insights into how you can apply the Enneagram to transforming your life. 

You'll discover the latest Enneagram research, cutting-edge theories and practical applications -- all to help you dramatically improve your relationships, give your career a boost, and identify your unique gifts to make your best contributions to our world. 

The information and guidance in this series can be applied to and used by anyone and everyone. Whatever your experience level, you'll be inspired by the new processes and practices for consciousness in spirituality, business, education, healthcare, cultivating relationships, psychology, coaching, parenting, sexuality, healing our bodies, and more. 

Join this global community of people who use this powerful tool for personal and collective transformation to deeply understand their true nature in new ways, and experience freedom like never before. 

With The Enneagram Global Summit, you'll learn to use this system to take steps to:
  • Awaken to the deepest truths of your soul
  • Connect to your true essential nature
  • Experience inner freedom
  • Understand the fears and desires that motivate you - and others
  • Learn how to dismantle your harmful and self-sabotaging patterns
  • Have easier relationships with your family, friends, co-workers and community
  • Gain the skills to effectively help others help themselves
  • Speak your truth in a way that helps others understand and partner with your visions
  • Tap into new inspiration
  • Cultivate your creativity
  • Experience a profound sense of belonging and interconnectedness
  • Have more self-acceptance, self-love and compassion for others
  • Identify your unique gifts, so that you can share them with the world
  • Bring your full potential to all that you do
  • Live with less rigidity and more grace, ease and flow
  • Sign up for the no-cost virtual Enneagram Global Summit to receive all these benefits -- and much more!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Follow Your Inner Navigation System to Create Business Success

Create a Successful Business As Your Unlimited True Self:
Actualize Your Life’s Purpose
and Your Ultimate Service in the World
"You all are blessed with an inner navigation system to lead you to success easily and gracefully."
~ Masters Jeshua  & Mother Mary

Apply the Masters’ Teachings on a Practical Level to Business
Follow your inner navigation system to successfully create the life and business you really want and deserve.
We have been living within a cycle of forgetfulness for millennia and now it is time to awaken to the amazing Goodness that we are and transform our world guided by the wisdom of our Greater True Self.
Then our business and our life's mission become completely intertwined with our larger goal – to awaken to our Destiny and ascend in truth to the majesty and magnificence of who we truly are.
We can co-create Heaven on Earth through our businesses by working with our brothers and sisters to bring about unity and wellbeing to as many as possible to live in peace and harmony, love and respect, and create communities that really matter. 
You are being invited to elevate you and your business from where you are to where you want to be using your higher guidance, and gain a new inspired perspective and dynamic position in life that fills your life with profound meaning and purpose because you are focused and aligned with what truly matters.

We have been inspired by the Masters to create this very unique training that aligns each of us with a business that serves the well-being of the world, thereby creating empowering businesses that are innovative and carry the passion of each person—for in the process we transform ourselves, each other and the world.
Learn game changing technology—an innovative revolutionary approach—to put an end to past robotic behaviors that are responsible for inner struggles, outer battles, business disasters and rampant corruption that have undermined the truth of who we really are and our Power to positively choose our destiny.

You will learn to:

*Avoid the pitfalls that cause most businesses to fail.

* Discover what makes life difficult at all turns and how to follow your inner navigation system to create the life and business you came here to create that will bring you joy. 
* Let go of the past, its addictions and negative behaviors and get to know your new, spontaneous, genuine true self.
* Move beyond survival or accumulation to bring the highest expression of your unlimited True Self into your business and life.
* Create a win-win for you and your clients/customers. 
* Discover your greater unlimited self and how to express that in your business while continuing to build a great contribution to the world.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


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Saturday, February 15, 2014

MAKE BIG MONEY AND RESIDUAL INCOME FOR LIFE with #1 Global Entrepreneur Platform

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Self Empowerment Academy:
 Master Your Destiny - Light Age Healing: 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Secrets to Masterful Manifestation

How would you like to become more skilled at turning your dreams into reality with greater ease?

Are you tired of the hollow promise of “magical manifestation” teachings?

Are you ready to become more skilled and effective at turning your dreams and visions into reality?

Then this call event has been designed just for you, featuring one of the world’s most respected coaches who has helped tens of thousands of people turn the art of manifestation into a science.
Marcia Wieder’s approach to manifestation doesn’t promise to make it effortless or instant (which are more magical fantasies). But her approach does make it more joyful, exciting, and effective because you are tapping into your natural enthusiasm and using passion as your fuel to take bold visions and turn them into concrete, successful results.
When you do this, it accelerates the journey, attracting the people and situations who can help you take the next step with more ease and grace.
It all begins with getting real – who are you really? And what do you REALLY want with all your body, mind, heart and soul?
Getting real with yourself is the secret sauce for beginning the journey of masterful manifestation. It allows you to uncover your authentic truth, which then brings the rest of your life into alignment and integrity. This in turn drives far better results for whatever you are creating.
You’ll learn how to:
  • Get comfortable with uncertainty and even enjoy the unknown
  • Develop your confidence and courage to step up as a creator
  • Learn the keys to effective enrollment and building a dream team
  • Expand the range of your vision, as all masterful manifestors learn to do
  • Overcome issues around fear and doubt
  • Stay in action and get real traction
  • Develop your capacity to say “no” and free yourself from what no longer serves
For too long, we’ve had starry-eyed visionaries with their heads in the clouds and practical “realists” who don’t create their dreams. It’s time to marry our imagination and our logical minds and create a synthesis that lets us be bold visionaries who know how to turn our visions into concrete realities.
Becoming a great manifestor is not about achieving a single goal. It’s really about living in a state of mastery that allows you to fulfill your personal and professional dreams and make the world a better place.
Join us for a fast-paced and illuminating call event!

Register here for FREE call titled From Magical Thinking to Masterful Manifestation: How to Create Real Results. :

What I love most about Marcia is she’s known as the “practical visionary’s” teacher.  Her approach to manifestation doesn’t promise to make it effortless or instant (which are more magical fantasies), but rather how to make it more joyful, exciting, and effective, as well as aligned with your heart and soul.

Marcia knows, perhaps better than anyone I’ve ever come in contact with, how to help you tap into your natural enthusiasm and use your passion as your fuel to take your vision and boldly turn them into concrete, successful results. She's deeply spiritual and no-nonsense practical at the same time.

If you are seeking the key skills and insights into how you can create a life that is truly fulfilling and the highest expression of your soul, you'll want to be on this call!

Click here to learn more and register (it’s FREE!) :

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Next Stage of Human Evolution: Evolving from Me to We to a New Whole

What lies beyond our current stage of human evolution?

How does this connect to what Jesus, Buddha and other great avatars and mystics have revealed about our higher potential?
And how do we begin to translate the truth of Oneness into new forms of wholeness, in community and social organization?
If you are curious about these questions and what they reveal about your own evolutionary journey, we have an important call event for you
In this special call event, we will share the leading edge of what our beginning to understand about our further evolution as humans, which requires integration of all levels of our being, including the universal, non-local “light body.”
We have started to experience this integration through the practice of an evolutionary “pod” formation with a small group of committed allies. This pod formation is deeper than we have ever experienced, where we feel that each individual’s essence and soul’s purpose connect and cocreate on the inner plane with such brilliance and revelation that it feels as though the “pod” is forming a new membrane of intelligence, like a multi-human whole, far greater than the sum of its parts. We want to share this experience as widely as she can.
Whereas many mystical teachers emphasize the individual seeker’s felt sense of union with God, we have been learning at a deeper level what happens in a field of communion where two or more are gathered in a state of resonance, integrating the Impulse of Evolution, or Spirit-in-action. within themselves and together as a micro-whole being or system.
This state creates a field in which we can incarnate higher aspects of ourselves.
When Jesus’ disciples experienced the Pentecost and began speaking in tongues with each other, we believe that they entered en masse into such a state of holy resonance that then resulted in remarkable transformations of their being, inspiring the rest of their teaching mission.
This state of heightened potential gives us glimpses of where we are going next on our evolutionary journey, where we literally activate a new level of embodiment – something that has been chronicled in detail with many Eastern teachers and masters as well. Sometimes called the Rainbow Body, this is an elevated form of the human body, where we start to incarnate higher frequencies of light.
This state requires releasing the resistance, judgment and fear that prevent its natural unfolding...the shift from ego to essence. It also seems to require a full balancing of masculine and feminine energies and a loving integration of all levels of our being.
Our experiences and insights into what is beginning to birth in her are quite remarkable and illuminate our own journey into the next level of expressing our divinity.
Some see the process of integration as incarnating Christ consciousness, some call it becoming the Divine Human, but perhaps it is most accurate to think of it as a “new normal” for those of us who want to be pioneers and begin to live in a new way, fully connected with our divine potential.
What is clear is that integrating aspects of this higher octave of our being HAS been demonstrated by historical mystics and that we are getting closer to being able to replicate this in a wider way.
Our detailed chronicling of our own process of metamorphosis – which has led us to feel “newborn” – offers us a remarkable window into the evolutionary journey for all of us, as well as powerful new ways to open to spiritual illumination.
Join us for our latest insights into the human evolutionary frontier, which can inspire new possibilities for your own evolution.

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